Would you like to develop yourself or your employees? Discover the topics of our ewolves Academy. On this page you will find current courses and webinars on the topics of HR strategy and leadership.

If you, as a company, are interested in your own training site for your employees, please do not hesitate to contact us. In addition, we can tailor the courses according to your company's strategy and required competencies.

We offer the following courses. Please contact us so we can set up access to our Academy.


Excerpt of leadership courses:

  • Personality and Leadership Models
  • InsightsMDI® psychometric analysis
  • Building intercultural competence
  • Effective feedback
  • Values-based leadership
  • Project management
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Resilience in leadership

Excerpt from the courses for personnel areas:


  • How to develop an employer brand
  • Development of a pricing model for internal billing of a recruitment service center
  • Basics of interviewing and diagnostics


  • Conducting an employee survey
  • Promoting corporate culture and increasing employee engagement


  • Process design of strategic and value-adding personnel processes
  • Organizational design of human resources
  • Key Performance Indicators

Excerpt from our training and education experience

  • 150 managers in leadership topics, personality models and feedback processes
  • 70 sales people on personality models and the use of each type in sales
  • 100 international recruiters in new recruiting processes and software
  • 85 international employees in onboarding training (teaching project management skills, role-playing, customer simulations)

Excerpt from leadership training quotes

"Well instructed and dynamic course"

"Excellent course"

"Dynamic, concrete workshop, not a bit boring."

"Very good training and recommended for all employees of the company"

"Ms. Litzenberger made this a very interesting training due to her professional and human competence."

"The training has increased motivation and strengthened self-confidence."

"...You can take away a lot for yourself and implement it in your daily work, but also in your private life."

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